IvoCall is the telemarketingsystem aimed to all tasks within sales and appointment booking.

IvoCall lifts sales 20% due to its progressive dialer. It has statistics, doublet separation and a unique user interface controlled by drag&drop. In short: IvoCall makes setting up telemarketing campaigns much easier than ever before. Read more...

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    "IvoCall made my worklife much easier. It is a breeze setting up new campaigns. Now I am able to focus on my core business instead of worring about the boring tecnical issues." Crystal Persson, teamleader

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    August 2014
    The new version of IvoCall provides extented statitics with drag'ndrop and the brand new timeslice feature, that improves the overview of sale across campaigns and time sequences. A total of 37 new features and enchancements.

    December 2013
    A new version of IvoCall has been released and is live now. New features and functionalities include the SMART dialer, which allows you to increase your efficiency with more than 100%, as well as improved duplicate handling cross campaign-wise and a new API allowing you to build integrations with your own websites in order to control lead flows and collection.

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